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Monday, November 29, 2004

Politicians say

If a person is bad, it is not fair to call him bad directly
M Saifur Rahman
denouncing the Transparency International's ranking of Bangladesh as the world's most corrupt country.

I will need your support and I will work to earn it.
George W Bush
after being re-elected for the second time.


Friday, November 19, 2004

Sunk in songs

I am totally sunk in songs. Most of the time I used to listen music. My computer is loaded with thousands of songs. Whatever I do in my computer there is always some kind of music playing in background. Among English nowadays I am listening songs of Avril Lavigne most. I liked her songs for her different vocal and lyrics. She became an idle for teenagers (not in Bangladesh though). Habib (son of famous singer Ferdous Wahid) came back with the new album "Maya". I liked this modern folk album for hi-fi composition. The combination of different instruments he used in this album is enough to start a new era.

During this Eid many albums has released. Sadly most of them are just unbearable even to me. James, Hasan once who produced so nice songs, are singing songs, which only making their image downward very rapidly. I really started to hate them. On the other hand new bands like ArtCell, Black, Cryptic fate making craze in new generation. As I noticed the main difference between those new generation band with old generation singers is, new generations making songs with deep care and high class composition. While the old ones just singing some bullshit with ugly lyrics and traditional composition which has no specialty.

Whatever it is I am Sunk in Songs.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Eid Mubarak

Today is Eid ul Fitr in Bangladesh, the greatest festival for Muslims. I am wishing all of you Eid Mubarak on this day. Have a nice Eid.


"Jakat" could contribute a lot

For every Muslim having certain amount of wealth or greater must give 2.5% of their wealth to the poor. This is called "Jakat". Generally Jakat is aimed to improve economic position of poor not doing any decrease to that of rich. It's a very nice system if implemented properly. In our country most of the riches distribute Jakat to as many people as they could. So none of them get a handsome amount. They get a cloth or few hundred taka as Jakat and there are not so many to give Jakat. Those have no use in long term. They assume those within few weeks and get back to their previous economical position. But if reaches distribute the amount to only few persons, all of them will get a handsome amount. They could start business using those as capital or buy a rickshaw to earn their livelihood for long term. In this process a poor person can earn lot and improve his/her position rapidly. Not only this, he/she may become able enough to pay Jakat next year. Actually this is the objective of Jakat.


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Lailatul Kadr

There is a night in this month of Ramadan which is more divine than thousands of nights. Unfortunately there is no fixed date of this night, only it is strongly assumed that the night is the night after 26 ramadan. By this calculation tonight is that most valuable night of the year. One should pray his/her best to get mercy from Allah. Tonight everyone become busy to pray. All markets while quite inaccessible yesterday are finding very little visitor tonight. Roads got empty very early then usual. All stood before almightily with all the sins for mercy.

What most of those religious persons don't notice is, these prayers of "Lailatul Kadr" are absolutely "mostahab" (optional). Although, this night has importance more than thousands of nights, all those prayer can not be equal to one farz (what is must to do) prayer. Many Muslims of Bangladesh and subcontinent are giving emphasize to what is not must for them. They are forgetting what they obliged to do and what they should do for extra forgiveness of almighty. So we should fulfill the obligation first then opt for the extra ones.


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Official EID Tips

Every year before Eid there is a trend of taking EID tips. Usually postmen, barbers, cleaners and hawkers request for these tips and mostly they get those. In recent years they started to claim this tips as their right. Especially linemen of telephone board become most eager for this tips. They used to disconnect the phone line for tips. When the subscriber complains for the disconnection, they act as they are working for it and the line comes in order. Then they demand the Eid tips.

This year they made the tips official. The above page is a typed page from telephone office. They circulated this page for convenience of collecting EID tips from subscribers. The page contains name of the collectors of Abrabad area. Seeing this in a regional newspaper of Chittagong the question came to my mind is – Will they give any official receipt for the money they would take??


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Perfect Cover

Courtesy: A box of chocolate


Dying for a digital cam

I am dying for a digital cam. Last year my auto analog camera went out of order. Since then I am planning to buy a digital camera. As I can't effort so much money I am waiting for chance to request my uncle staying abroad for this. For last few days I have been finding all class sights to capture. Such as –

  1. A poor little girl sleeping in the footpath before a hi-fi shopping centre
  2. My mother counting hundreds of coins that she saved during last year in a clay build bank.
  3. Paddy fields shining in a moonlit night near my grandmother's house at village.

My uncle may come very soon to Bangladesh. I am now searching for the right model to request him. If anyone of you have idea about digital camera please let me know which one will be better.


Monday, November 08, 2004


Who? Or Who's there is the common question to face when you push the door bell of a house in a city of Bangladesh. Doesn't matter there is a peephole or not, inhabitants of a house ask this question. Its really awkward for the guest. Interestingly I found very few persons who say their name on reply of this. Most often he/she can't decide what to answer, so they keep mum. Yesterday I went to a friend's house. As usual "Who?" asked the voice from inside, though there is a peephole and video camera there. I answered: "Rifat". The voice questioned the same and I answered the same. She (servant of that house) being confused opened the door at last. May be some of you also fall in similar situations.


Live your Life

Life is a Book, Study it
Life is a Challenge, Meet it
Life is a Dream, Realize it
Life is a Sorrow, Overcome it
Life is a Tragedy, Face it
Life is a Song, Sing it
Life is a Love, Enjoy it
Life is a Game, Play it
Life is an Adventure, Dare it
Life is a Promise, Fulfill it
Life is a Journey, Complete it

Collected from a memento of a farewell presented to passing students of a college.


Sunday, November 07, 2004

Roaming Market to Market

The biggest religious festival of Muslim Eid is only a week away now. Actually the happiness of Eid spread over the month of Ramadan. Before Eid the markets are getting busy day by day. Everyone is sprinting to finish their desired shopping for upcoming Eid. All want to be dressed with the best being bound by their budget.

I have already finished my shopping for Eid. But I am still passing my lazy times of vacation roaming market to market with friends and cousins. Almost everyday I visit markets. I enjoy the thrilling faces there and many funny situations. Yesterday I came back home after 11 at night. Still there was no place for easy movement in markets and the roads were jam packed with cars. It seems everyone became crazy.


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Think before/after you do

Yesterday first ever flyover of Bangladesh was inaugurated at mohakhali of the capital. The construction of this flyover has completed after more than two year interrupting movement of vehicles badly in that very busy point. The one km long flyover is being made to get rid of all congestion that occurred earlier because of rail crossing. Now after expensing 117 crore Taka the traffic department is thinking about the after effect of this construction. They are saying easy movement of vehicles in this point will make jam both end of the flyover. So they are imposing the city corporation to make other alternative roads to make those points clear. Now the point is, if alternate path is needed why this huge flyover is made taking foreign help? Actually making another rail road to get rid of so long rail though capital might be less expensive then making so many flyovers.

Like this project many projects are taken before which afterward appeared not that effective. The problem is our planner first plan and starts working then think what they have done. This post thinking makes them taking new projects, but doesn't bring that good for us.



The terrorists want to destroy our country and so are we.

George bush
US president (before ellection)


Friday, November 05, 2004

Getting ready for the oppression again

Everything went in vain, all hope withered away. Stupid Bush won again. It really doesn't matter for me how he won and who was to compete. The only think that coming into mind is that world has lost a chance to escape the regime of ugly Bush. My impression about Americans was far better before. Many of us thought, people of America are not in favor of the deeds of bush as they demonstrated against the oppression of Bush against Afganistan and Iraq. But they proved they are all the same. Alas!! God knows what he will do during this term.


Lost thoughts

I use blog to express my inner thoughts to others and uphold them in net. Its not always easy to express thinking of a topic in a enhanced way. So like this one, most of the blogs may not appear that interesting. For last few days many thoughts came into my mind but all of them just died in infant. That's why it's so late to write something new.

During this gap, I started to think of my blog as my very own window. Now I don't care about readers and what will others think about my blog that much. Its upto you to read those scribble or not.