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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shining stars and future of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is passing a horrible time considering incidents of recent past. Nothing is going right and we are facing all the worse things. Alike most of the countrymen I was also depressed about the whole scenario. A report on Daily Star made me to dream and be hopeful about the future once again. Its about the superb performance of O level and A level students of Bangladesh. just read a part of the report which is given below.

Thirty-four Bangladeshi students secured the highest marks worldwide in thirteen subjects in the GCSE O-level examinations last year while another 19 have obtained the highest marks worldwide in six subjects of the A-level exams during the same period. Two students also obtained A grade in 11 subjects in the 2008 O-level examinations.

I am sheer delighted to see those shining stars who have proved once again the potential of our country. Its now proven that our boys and girls have the worldclass merit and they are the best in many cases. We should inspire and suport them to build up themselves more strong, who in tern is the future of the country. Lets be insipred and work together to build a better Bangladesh.

Congratulations and hats off to all those shining stars.

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