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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Observing Pohela boishakh at Ramna

"Shuvo Noboborsho"
To observe Bangla new year and to see how it is observed I went to Ramna park today. I reached karwan bazar around 10am and found the traffic totally clogged there. So I started walking towards the historic "Ramna Botomul", center of all attraction and the value of the cultural program. The crowd was so thick all around that it was not easy even to walk. When I entered Ramna Park after waiting long in line it was all over. Though the program were finished the crowd were there enjoying the time with dear ones.

Then I went to TSC and Charukola Institute. I found it interesting that most of the people there were like me. They went just to roam around and be a part of the festival. The whole area became a sea of people. There was no vehicle allowed within one kilometer of the "Ramna Botomul". Outside this area the traffic was horrible. I have seen cars and buses not moving an inch from Panthopoth to Chief Advisors office. The situation in other directions would be similar, I guess. I walked for 3 hour from 10 am to 1 pm without any rest.

While roaming around I have taken many snaps. I am finding it difficult to upload those. I have uploaded some in flickr. Here are some more..

The whole area became a sea of people

Drawing tattoo

Signing in the longest bat of the world

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Let's be less critical

I am quite surprised in the reaction of the bloggers concerning present situation of Bangladesh. A unique type of government is running the country which came into power in a very critical situation. During their 3 months in power, they have been enjoying vast public support so far. Though there are few ambiguity and allegation against them, their activities and moves are mostly positive.

But when I come to read posts of fellow Bangladeshi bloggers I became confused. Where those propaganda coming from? Even the most prominent Bangladeshi blogger (Rezwan) seems anxious being far away from his motherland. It's interesting that this type of news is available mostly online. Even newspapers have not published this sort of news that much. Let me assure Rezwan bhai that the practical situation here is quite different than you see online. People here are suffering for the new rules. But in spite of being fad up with the government, they are trying to cope up with the situation. Politicians are not saying anything against the government while their fellow politicians have been detained one after another. So, I think the situation is not that worse.

I think bloggers becoming a bit more critical in analyzing the situation. The blogging arena seems a bit politicized also.