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Monday, March 26, 2007

An exceptional independence day

Today is 37th Independence Day of Bangladesh. This day reminds us that we weren’t free always. Today we remember the thousands of brave souls who died in 1971 just to make us free. They know the value of the word “Freedom”, so they sacrificed everything to have it. Now their beloved country is free; but do we feel the value of it?

I have witnessed 17 independence days, after knowing the meaning of it. But today I feel much different than the other 16. I was thinking about the reasons behind experiencing it exceptional and found the followings-

1. None is shouting around that their leader (Mujib or Zia) is the only inspiration of liberation war.
2. The independence was achieved by the combined contribution of many persons. Not a single time in last 36 years all of them were given the due respect simultaneously. Today in “National Parade” the pictures of Bangabandhu and Mejor Zia were side by side where the former one was bigger in size. There were some other portraits giving the required importance.
3. For a free nation all the citizens should be treated in same scale. Today we are observing our national day with the son of former prime minister and many other main leaders in jail. Today it is proved that our country don’t need leaders who only think about themselves.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

IIUPE 2007: a pleasant exhibition and some bitter experience

IIUPE stands for "International Inter University Photography Exhibition". The exhibition took place at "Shilpokola Academy" from 17 to 23 March. It was organized by NSUPC (North South University Photography Club). I am one of the 200 participants of the exhibition. Though I am not at all qualified in photography, I have great interest in it. With all enthusiasm we founded PSR (Photographic Society of RUET) back at Rajshahi and organized a small exhibition at our campus. When I heard about IIUPE, I couldn't avoid the chance to participate.

Now let's come to the point. How was the exhibition? "Great", everyone visiting it would say without any doubt. The exhibition was wonderful indeed. 500 photos displayed there resemble different views and ideas of amateur student photographers from around the world. The gallery in which the photos were displayed is one of the best in Bangladesh. Hence we must thank the organizers for arranging such a nice exhibition.

So what's wrong with it? Actually in eye of a visitor, there was noting wrong. But from the viewpoint of a participant it was nothing but a bitter experience. We were invited for the opening and closing ceremony just a day before over phone. There was no arrangement for the participants. Ops! There were snacks for all the viewers. But nobody served it; you have to collect the pack yourself. The organizers were busy enjoying themselves. No one even said welcome to the participants who traveled hundreds of kilometers just to attend the occasion. Is it so tough to give value to the guests you invited?


70% discount at Ecstasy

Yesterday while roaming around at the giant Bashundhara City, a sign surprised me. It was declaring 70% discount. You won't believe it, the shop is "Ecstasy". Established brands other than "Westecs" seldom give discount and they never give more than 50% discount. Even the discount is not for so called selected items; but for all the items they have there.

Everyone there became crazy with the offer, leaving the shop fully loaded. Even the guards had to control the flow of entry to the shop. I coincidentally found the shirt I chose before, which was too expensive than. I bought the shirt for 258 taka which costs 860 taka in normal cases. I can't remember any deal that satisfied me to this extent.

So hurry up! The offer may not last long.


Friday, March 23, 2007

Completing graduation with 1 month in hand

I have completed my graduation recently. It took 3 years and 11 months to add a degree with my name.

For public university students, it is a dream to complete the course in time. In most cases the dream never come true and it takes about 6 years to complete the course of 4 years. While other universities are burdened with huge session jot, we finished the degree with 1 month in hand. Thanks to our university authority to make the system so speedy and efficient.

In my varsity life, our varsity didn't ever stop for any unexpected incidents. Our class was running even when the blockade by political parties clogged the country. The best engineering university of the country is about 1 year behind us. I feel proud to complete my graduation from such a university.