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Friday, February 17, 2006

First outing; First SLR

My first ever snap with a slr cam

At last I snapped some pic with a SLR cam. I along with 2 friends went in outing to Bagha, a historic place about 45km away from Rajshahi. I was very eager to use a SLR and at last got this Viviter, one of the simplest off this kind. It was really different to visit some place only to take snaps, especially when it costs only 80tk!!!

The historic Bagha mosque.

For more pictures keep an eye on my flickr page.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Exploring Bangladesh: Chittagong

We friends used to visit various cities and places whenever we can. After planning since last year we 7 friends went out to visit Chittagong, along with Cox’s bazar, Saint Martin, Rangamati etc. During our 8 days long tour we enjoyed every minute and experienced various funny and interesting incidence. I’ll try to share those moments and give an outline of the places in my upcoming posts.

Court building: You may wonder, what could be the significance of a court building to tourists. Actually the architectural design of the century old huge building made it a historic place. It is situated above one of the highest hill of the city called “porir pahar”. It would be a thrill if you enter the building. You’ll fell threat of your life, because falling bulky plasters from the roof is very common here. So don’t forget to wear a helmet!!

War Cemetery: It’s a graveyard of the sailors died in the 2nd world war. 775 sailors (I am not sure about the number) of different countries laid in this beautiful memorial park. As far as I know British govt. still takes care of this cemetery of their own. Probably that’s why it looks so neat and clean. If you are looking for a calm dating place it’s a perfect choice.

Sea Beach: There is nothing much to talk about sea beach. You know how it looks like. You’ll visit it doesn’t matter someone advice to visit it or not.

Foy’s Lake: It’s a lake named after a British officer ‘Foy’. Recently it has been given away to a private company and they made an amusement park there. So you’ll get the mini version of ‘Fantasy Kingdom’ and the natural beauty of lake and hill altogether. You’ll enjoy it surely.

I am stopping here. But don’t assume that these are only places to visit in my home city. I only described the places we visited.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

First ever “Bangladeshi Bloggers’ meet”

At last we, bloggers from Bangladesh meet on 4th February at Maqsood’s (the band legend of feedback and a regular blogger) house. You’ll find details about the meet in Rezwan’s post and pictures in shafi’s post. Hasin bhai also posted 10 pics. Wamy bhai posted his observation about the bloggers in a cool way. So bypassing the details I am posting some pictures only.

Shafi, Khaled, Mac bhai and Munshi bhai

Hasan, Arild, Mishu and the photographer

The reporter and Rezwan bhai