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Friday, January 27, 2006


We are trying to arrange the first ever Bangladeshi blogger meet in Dhaka. Rezwan has took the initiative and i supported him, since we started to discuss this since last November. The date is now finalized, i.e. 4th of February, 2006 Saturday. The main idea is to get to know each other well and discuss about blogs and blogging.

Any active Bangladeshi blogger can participate. We would like to keep this meet in a close informal circle so we will not encourage non-bloggers in the meet. The venue will be a restaurant in Banani, which will be informed via mail before the meet. The tentative timing will be 5PM-7PM evening. Don't worry we will not keep you from your 'Biyer Dawat' at night.

There is no fixed agenda, but strictly no political rhetoric will be
allowed. Techie bloggers can enlighten us with the new developments in internet and blogging. Others can share their personal experiences in blogging etc.

Please contact with Rezwan or me for additional infos. Is there any wifi-internet service available in Banani? It would be great to live blog the event. Your ideas and advices are welcome.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy!! New Year

Another year went away and we started saying “Happy New Year” with a fake broad smile in face. It’s not that easy to be happy when the situation of the country is so unsecured and bumpy. Let’s find some purpose to be happy-
1. We accomplished a secured (not that successful) SAARC summit, though hundred thousands of dollar went behind it.
2. The government realized the existence of religious militants, though it took hundreds of booms to be blast to make them believe.
3. RAB and other law enforcing authority halted their so called crossfire, though they have already sent many of them to hell.
4. The most criticized one-way system of education at high school level has been cancelled, though more than million already spent for it.
5. Bangladesh football team showed success reaching semifinal of SAARC football, though they lost in finial badly.

These are only few from the never ending list. You can find many more taking those as clue. Thus we can say “Happy New Year” with a real happy face.