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Monday, December 26, 2005

Engineering in private universities

From the very beginning private universities of our country opted only for the subjects on demand. At first it was very common to form a private varsity with only two subjects: BBA and Computer Science. After some days they moved to Computer science and Engineering (CSE) with the change of trend. This enter to the arena of engineering was almost sound, as the lab facilities for CSE is not that expensive or bulky. But for the last few years those universities launching subjects like Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) and Electronic and Communication Engineering (ECE) following the recent boom in mobile and telecommunication industry. Subjects like EEE and ECE demands high-tech labs with bulky and expensive equipments, which most of the private universities can not provide.

In the question of education quality it is rarely satisfactory for few varsities only. Most of the varsities never had their own teachers. Quality engineers can’t be made by those hired teachers. So before allowing private universities to launch engineering subjects responsible authority should ensure sufficient teachers and proper lab facilities there.


Friday, December 23, 2005

Endless Blaming

The characteristics of politicians of our country is to talk too much and giving objectionable comments. They always blame each other whenever they find an issue. In the issue of recent bomb blasts the leader of the opposition alleged that government is doing all these to move peoples concentration from the recent hike in daily necessary goods and monga. While commenting on the hindu suicide bomber the state-minister for home ministry said it is a hint of emerging hindu fundamentalists in Bangladesh.

Those comments simply depict how blind they are in blaming. The party in power feels released by sifting the responsibility to others. The opposition tries their best to move the failed government aside and to be on the power. In reaching their goals those politicians say anything necessary, be it reliable or not. And that’s how the endless blaming continues.