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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

DV-2007: What will happen if...

Alike the previous years, DV craze has already spread out all over Bangladesh. You’ll hardly find any public place without a stall or banner related to DV-2007. As, it’s been three years since electronic system has been employed there are not much discussion going around about it. But most of the persons having minimum qualification are applying for it.

This huge amount of people is more than eager to migrate to USA. If all of them are permitted to enter USA, everyone will leave this nasty, poor, corrupted country. So who will run this country, because only the unqualified ones will be left here? Why everyone becoming depressed in spite of being hopeful?

Is there anyone who wanna stay beside this miserable country?


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Eid: Happiness amid sufferings and misery

Eid Mubarak” That’s what we say with a happy face, no matter we are happy or not. Eid, the biggest festival for Muslims have past with usual religious flavor. But the story behind this happiness is full of sufferings. Here is a example, what I experienced.

I was going to my village on the eve of Eid. To travel 40km it took 4 hours. There were jam on all the exit route of the city, because everyone willing to go home at the same time. On the way we had to cross a river by Ferry and reaching there we found almost 1 km queue. Ops, now what to do? We took a brave decision, getting off the car and send it back. We walked and walked until we reached to the ghat (port) with all the bags carring. We crossed the river by a boat and took a “baby taxi” (a 3 wheeling vehicle, 2 stroke) to reach home. There are people who can’t effort taxi, reserved boat or car. They went through more sufferings to cross only 40km.

This is only an example of sufferings on the road. People faced sufferings in while shopping for Eid. Especially it was hard for people of limited income to cope up with the up going price.

The interesting fact is, we are ready to go through all those misery and we spent whole month of Ramadan planning for this day. We are supposed to be happy on this day. So we made everything ready and left no scope to be unhappy on this day. That’s why we spend a happy Eid always. Otherwise ... !!!


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Madrassa system- an informative view

Due to the recent terrorist attack by some so called Islamic gangs, all the madrassas came under fire. Everyone blaming the students, teachers and the system as a whole no matter they have enough understanding or not. So it became a necessity to know about the system to yell at it or to find the leakages or to modernize it. “Probe”, a renowned news magazine done it for us through the cover story “Madrassas revisited” by Shafiq Rahman. Usually all articles about madrassas are either for or against the system. But this article is unbiased to a great extent. Reading this you will have a clear idea about both Aleya madrassa and Kawmi madrassa along with the origin of both. I liked it, hope you also will.

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