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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Experiencing ipad

At last I found an iPod within the range of my hand. It belongs to my cousin, who just came to Bangladesh on a trip from US. At first sight the question came to my mind is, “What’s so special with it?” But after handling it’s various function I was pleased, its really special. The sound quality was really amazing, though the original headphone wasn’t there. The touch type scrolling system made it handy to surf among hundreds of songs. The one I found is an iPod mini and has a capacity of 4GB. It’s very tiny and extremely slim compared to its capacity. how they encapsulated so many component in this tiny pack?


Friday, July 01, 2005

What you must listen…

On my blog I have wrote about alternative streams of band music of Bangladesh for a few instances. But this time I wanna introduce an album to you, which can’t be called alternative. It’s the album of Ornob (member of the famous band ‘Bangla’) that rocked me though the album doesn’t fit to the sense ‘rock’ by any means. Those slow type songs have fantastic composition and almost all songs of this album are of sensational lyrics. Those songs have something that you could feel inside you. I can’t make you understand the feeling here. You must buy it (I have bought 3, one for me and 2 as gift to friends), it doesn’t matter which type of music you like. At first those may seem a bit slowish and unusual to you. But after few try you will like it, if you don’t fall in love with those at first try. I can bet on this…
You can download those from net too. But I didn't try it.

Portion of lyrics of two songs of the album