Close your eyes and try to see

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Opportunity and danger

Optimist always find opportunity in danger
& Pessimist always find danger in opportunity


Friday, May 13, 2005

Cheer for Mohiuddin, Thanks to Govt.

Chittagong City Corporation election was held on last 9th May. ABM Mohiuddin of Awami league won, defeating Mir Nasir of BNP by a huge amount of vote. Mohiuddin was in the chair of mayor for last 11 years after being elected in 1994. As far as I observed he is the most successful comparing other two past mayors Mahmudul Islam and Mir Nasir (neither of them elected by pool). Mohiuddin made the city neat and clean than ever before. He founded many hospitals, schools and colleges on behalf of City Corporation. Especially the maternity hospitals served the city people most.

General people was in a fear that, the election may not be fare and unbiased. But government should get the full credit for a fully free and fare election. Government MPs and ministers worker for Nasir but the authority did not allowed them to give impact to the result. This is where they won. Hope the next parliamentary election will be fare and free like this.


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Back from Bogra

Recently we friends went to Bogra, the gateway of north bengal. Actually Its more nice and rich than we expected. Though it can't be compared with Dhaka or Chittagong by any means,its not that odd looking. There are highrise buildings, busy roads, quality food shops and of course iceream parlour, which is not available at Rajshahi. So for someone going from Rajshahi, Bogra is a better one.
Here are some pictures from Bogra.

Van, a traditional transport of rural areas of Bogra

Map of Bangladesh, made up by grasses. Its at the historic place Mohestan gor.

Sign of the accedent our bus went through. A truck hit us by the site. We were all safe.


Monday, May 02, 2005

Impression about Tablig

In this modern life Muslims loosing their base, being involved with earthly matters intensely. Most of them are not performing the secular duties properly. Most of us agree with it but just do nothing to cure. Even while so called Islamic parties are busy more with politics than Islam, organization like "Tablig" are working on spiritual portion. Their main aim is to congregate Muslims to the main stream of Islam, where "Imaan" (strong belief in only almightily Allah) and "Ibadat" (worshiping, especially Namaz) get the top priority. They discuss about Islam among themselves and beckon others to the holiest path. "Tablig" don’t have strict organizational structure, precise fund, even offices. Mosques are their centre of work and nothing but working in the road of Allah works in their mind, Isn’ it impressive?