Close your eyes and try to see

Sunday, March 27, 2005

“Kamal Bhai” : Our legend

We are used to hear about the bad deeds of student leaders of various varsities, who are known as most violent and dangerous person of the campus. General students always remain watchful if they fall in trap of those monsters.When I came into this campus I found few known faces, which are known as leaders. I thought they are as usual, so kept myself away from them. But gradually I came to learn that leaders of our campus are not that worse. Of them “Kamal Bhai” was a sheer exception. He is the only person who had no record of bad deeds. On first sight I didn’t find anything noteworthy in him. But as I became close to him, I found depth of his character, simplicity of behavior and wideness of his mind. He with his invisible magnet attracted not only the political boys but also all of the students. I wonder if there is any student in our campus who doesn’t know Kamal Bhai and who can speak ill of him. Though I am a non political boy, in few cases I along with others opposed the authority and political parties directly. Kamal Bhai being the most powerful leader could do any harm to me. In steed of this he just made me love him and I simply became his fan! Similarly he got more hundreds of dedicated fans.

Kamal bhai in tears

Recently Kamal Bhai finished his student life, so he has to leave us. So we are to say good bye to our legend against our will. There was nothing but tears to give him a farewell. After his departure the campus seemed most blunt to me. Kamal Bhai may forget us one day. But I swear it is not at all possible for me to forget him.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

My digital camera

I had dreamt of a digital camera for long time. At last I got it. My sister brought a samsung camera for me from Bangkok. It has 16MB of memory with option to add external memory card. It can also be used to capture limited period of video.
So from now on I have wide option to let you see, what seem interesting to me.


Covering the whole campus

From the beginning of my varsity life I searched for a magazine of our campus. To my utter dismay I found no such publications. Last year we published a magazine from our department and batch celebrating our one year completion here. It was an immediate hit. The overwhelming appreciation of the publication made us interested to publish another one this year. But this time we gonna cover whole campus. We are working hard behind it for last few weeks and it will take another week to have it in hand. Hope it will earn good reputation also.