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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Birthday Experience

Last 11 January was my birthday. My family has no tradition to observe birthdays formally. So till last year no one wished me happy birthday and I didn't expect either. Last year my close friends here wished me. But this year the circumstances changed completely as my friend circle has got larger.

There was a semester final exam scheduled on the day after my birthday. So as usual I kept myself busy in study and didn't tell anyone about it. But when the clock ticked on zero hour my roommates started shouting "Happy Birthday" and my mobile got busy. I received calls and sms one after another. I got some nice birthday gifts too. Off them one was quite unexpected and surprising for me. It would be better not to mention it here. ;-)
I arranged a party on a fast food shop inviting only the dearest of friends. My friends brought a birthday cake for me. Thus the birthday passed away reminding me that I am getting older!!


Away for Exam

I am back after the longest break ever, since I started writing here. Actually My semester final exam is going on and I am very serious this time, Because last time my result was a worse one. This time I wanna show that I deserve something better.

I am writing this on vacation for Eid-ul-Azha and will be busy with the exam again. So I may not write blogs very regularly. But I won't give up writing. So keep an eye over the page if you don't hate my scribbles.