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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Novo Theater: too expensive educational element

View of the whole architecture. The dome in the middle, is the theater.

A closer look of the dome.

Last Tuesday I visited the newly opened Novo Theater at Agargao and watched the maiden show of the theater. This is the first planetarium in Bangladesh. This theater crossed expectation of everyone with high technology and architectural marvel. The half circular screen seems all around the audience. 11,000 Watt sound system is there to give you tastes of real digital sound. The whole building is air-conditioned to chill you.

There are two part of the show. The first part is about evaluation and present condition of the universe. There is also nice description of all the planets. But the whole presentation is a bit more astrological than astronomical. Second part of the show is a pure bullshit. That is a documentary on animals of Africa, everyone is used to see these in geographical channels. I don’t know the prospect of this kind of show in a Novo Theater and relation of this with astronomy.

I heard there are lots of arrangements to learn about astronomy. But what I found was only few posters containing some information. Only for this they made a huge building with an unusually big parking lot, underground. The main auditorium is about one fourth of the whole building. Actually without the theater there is absolutely nothing to learn.

Now try to guess how much they spend to make the theater. 1200 million taka. Can you believe this? I might not protest the expense if they had made an astronomical museum, with the theater. That’s how government intends to make us aware about astronomy, leaving our children’s deprived of primary education. Isn’t it like a joke???


Peculiar grading system

This year in both SSC and HSC the number of students getting GPA 5 is much higher than previous years. The vital cause is addition of grade of 4th subject. Interestingly if a student gets A+ in all the subjects including 4th subject his/her grading crosses the 5.00 mark. But the authority considering it as 5.00 as they are not allowing the students to get over 5 out of 5.00. So a students getting over 5 and exactly 5 has no difference in validation. Authority is saying that they changed the system to increase the number of GPA 5. Isn’t it ridicules? Moreover, grading system out of 5 is not accepted internationally. Even all university both government and private follow grading system out of 4.00. In these circumstances it is a big question why the education boards following this kind of peculiar system?


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Welcome little princes to the world

Few days back I became Mama (maternal uncle) again. My sister gave birth to a cute girl, which is her second child. She came to the world on 20th of September, before due time. She still hasn’t got a name and we are searching for one.

1. I am writing this late, because I waited for the picture.
2. Congrates to Rezwan as he became father of a cute girl.


Monday, September 27, 2004

Result in hand this time

I can still remember the time when one had to wait for 1 or 2 days, because then result of public exams was only available in newspapers. It’s really hard for a student to wait so long for his result even after the result is published. Now the situation changed. Result is available in one’s respective schools and colleges. During last SSC result the authority had done an appreciable step by publishing the full result in net. Today HSC result of this year has published, which is not only available in net ( but also available in every cell. Though education board said they has no agreement with any mobile company and there is no guarantee about the authenticity of the result in mobile. To know someone’s result you just have to send an sms to a specific number and you will get the result in a reply sms. (The number and procedure is different for every subscriber. Details is available in newspapers)

Note: The web page is failing to handle the burden of so many hits and I have not found a result from my GP mobile. So both the service seemed not efficient enough.


Suggestion to become good blogger.

Recently Sadat has written a post celebrating his 25th post. I found some comments in that post, which seemed important and vital to become good blogger. Here are few parts of those comments.

Just don't write bookish things. Write of your thoughts, opinions and experiences. People always look for similarity in thought, opinion and experience. When they find one, they stop by and read. People of different thoughts are also helpful with their different and varying insight. They can learn from you and you can also learn from them - since both are not ignorant. That is how people make relationship, trust, and tolerance on the net.

Just make a pledge to yourself that "I will never quit blogging no matter what other people say and do." And remember don't try to be smarter than you actually are.
And DON'T write on any topic of which you don't have good idea. Because lot of people may become misguided.


Friday, September 24, 2004

Human Chain: Appreciable agitation

At last our opposition parties has found something creative in their head, using which they protested misrule of the ruling party. Recently they arranged a 50km human chain, from Gazipur to Narayangonj going through the Capital.

It is no doubt the longest human chain created in Bangladesh ever and will definitely boost the favor of Awami League by a good deal. Organizing this kind of exceptional programs will do no harm to our country. So can we arrange this kind of creative and exceptional protests in compensation of Hartal (general strike)? Don’t we have the courage and will that is needed to say bold NO to Hartal??


Justice cries

Justice cried again in Bangladesh. Last wednesday was the delayed date for the verdict of the Jail killing case. Even after 29 years we are yet waiting to get a conclusion. The previous date was delayed by the excuse of illness of the justice. Now the verdict has been halted again due to an application of the accused. Mass people were though expected this kind of response from the jury, as the judicial department of our country is not independent to that level.

We waited for the judgment of Bangabandu's murder for long long years. When awami league came in power the judgment was done very swiftly. Even they changed the constitution of Bangladesh to make a smooth way for the case. Whenever they went away it became hard again to make the verdict in practice. The same case is happening in case of Jail killing case. They became slower than turtle to give a judgment.

Now, let us explain what is happening with the judicial department. We all know that government has clear hand to delay the verdict. But no one can say anything. (even the independent and daring newspapers). Because, whenever you say anything relating judicial department you are in danger of being accused for insulting the court. No one can crisis any decision of them. But they can be biased at their wish. This is how we are getting justice. And this is how justice cries.


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I am back

I am back, after a long break. For the last few days I was not finding the interest that is needed to write a blog and to post it after going to a cyber cafe. Actually those days went so badly. It was raining and raining all the day and I was under pressure with my study.

Sorry to all my readers, who visited the site for a updated post and went away yelling at me. Actually I myself became surprised for my reluctant to internet, while I have been using Internet for the last 4 years and I never felt any laps of interest.

Meanwhile my friend Sadat(Love U all) wrote his 25th post with much enthusiasm. My congrates for him. Another friend of mine has started her blog. It’s very troublesome for a girl to continue a blog in the circumstances we live. I am not yet disclosing her identity or blog address as she requested me not to make it open. Hope she will able to continue with her blog nicely.

Zahir(I look I see) became regular again with his blog. He has written a pretty interesting post on cost of Iraq war. Test your patience reading his all unusually long posts.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Platform ticket of Railway

Everyone other than passengers of train must buy a ticket to enter railway stations. This ticket is called ‘Platform ticket’ and worth only taka 2. Most of us don’t know this rule and who knows doesn’t really care to buy one. Whenever I asked for a platform ticket, the man on the counter looked at me with his doubtful eyes, because almost all of the visitors and vagabonds enter the platform without ticket. Today to enter Rajshahi railway station I asked for a platform ticket. The man in charge said there is no ticket available and asked me to enter without one. That’s how the rules suffer everyday, everywhere.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

A novel: A true depiction

(The best novel I ever read)

“Humayun Ahmed” living legend of Bangla literature wrote a huge novel on Muktijudho (liberation war) of Bangladesh named “Jochna O Jononir Galpo”. With his amazing power he brought out whole scene of the war in those 500 pages. This is the largest book he wrote and for me the best novel I ever read.

Being a devoted fan of ‘Humayun’, I have read more than 100 books written by him. From his writing I have an idea about his mentality. For various reasons he is very sensitive about our liberation war. I thought the book about war would not depict the real scene and would be an emotional one. But this was not the case. He illustrated the war from all possible angles. Even he was brave enough to write that some Pakistani military was also kind.

The novel contains appropriate description of a great leader ‘Sheikh Mujubur Rahman’. On the same time he told about a devoted solder ‘Major Ziaur Rahman’. That’s how he stopped the path for bad criticism. He also wrote about ‘Maulana Vashani’ and other great leaders. You will feel the thrill of guerilla war and joy of victory here.

The matter that impressed me most is his easy writing. As he always does, he wrote in a fluent and easy way. Remember, this is a novel and it’s not so easy to write a true and vital story which is extremely sensitive.

My request to you, read the book. If you can effort buy it. Otherwise read it however you can.