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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Playing Corners

When I was a child I saw pictures of my cousins living in USA. There was a picture of little boys and girls jumping on thousands of balls. It seemed to me a sea of balls caring joy. My mind filled with sheer jealous then.

Now a days in many restaurants of Dhaka has a corner for the children to play. There are such arrangement of balls and other stuffs. Children without any facility of playground of capital always scream to go to such restaurants to play. They enjoy mostly an hour there and have return to their nest bound by square feet.

Comparing my childhood to their, I find nothing better now. When we was young we used to play in front of our house at village. We played with sand and pond water. Though there was no playing corner, there was plenty of place to run and hide. Now there is no scope to run. There is only scope to scream to go to playing corner.



"A three-year old baby does not need warm clothes; mother's warmth is enough"

-Abdul Bari Khan
District Commissioner of Nilphamari
while distributing warm clothes among the poor.

source-The Daily Star


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Result on the web

For the first time result of a public exam of Bangladesh has been published on the web. Result of this year's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam is now available at You can check result of your relative or friend. They will also publish the full result within few days. This is really a high appreciable and advance step.


Friday, June 25, 2004

They call it Board Viva

We have to face a viva board before finishing every semester. This is well known as Board Viva to us. Students always remain frightened about it. On this viva there is a teacher for every sessional/practical course. They will ask questions randomly from anywhere. And the answers are mostly common and same. They are- Sorry sir, I don't know, I can't remember. Actually most of the questions are not easy and straight forward. The questions are based on basic concepts. But in the classes most of those teachers just go through the topics and don't bother about basics. I wonder why they don't teach us such basics in classes, so that we can know some more.


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Raining all the day

Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy rain? I think there is nobody. In Bangladesh rain has its own beauty. The rainy season has started and its raining all the day, all the night. At first we enjoyed it. But after few hours it became boring, tedious. (at last it has stopped today after continuous two days' shower)


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Smart mobile technology at Bangladesh

Recently few students of CSE of Dhaka University has developed a software for mobiles. They have made a way to send SMS to mobile of another subscriber, to send email by SMS, to send SMS by email. Is providing all the process. You can't yet send SMS to another subscriber directly. They have chosen three numbers for three subscriber to send your SMS.
for Grameen users => 0174-042424
for AKtel users => 0189-492432
for Sheba users => 019-490134

Send SMS to another subscriber: To send message to another subscriber you have to write a SMS with his number at the beginning. Then give a space and write whatever you want. Send it to the number they have chosen for your subscriber. That's all. They will do the rest and the SMS will be delivered very quick.

Send email through SMS: Its very simple. Write the recipients email address. Give a space and write your message. Send it to the number chosen for your subscriber. Done.

Send SMS through email: Compose an email. In the subject line write the recipients mobile number. In the recipients email address type In the mail body type your message. End the message by typing the word 'uysys'.

I am successfully using the first one of these three options. I am not very sure about the other two.


A village fair at town

Yesterday there was a fair of Hindu religion called "Rother mela". I got it on my way. So I opted to have a quick visit. There was so many stuffs there. There was traditional cakes and sweets, hand fan, balloons, dolls made of cloths etc etc. Actually we don't expect such fair in towns like Rajshahi. It was very similar to village fair. There was all cheap items and nothing hi-fi. Most of them are of very little use. But they are part of our heritage. The fair reminded me of our traditions that we are started to lose. Especially new generation of cities don't even know what our tradition is.


Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The curse of memorizing

What are the advantages and disadvantages of trains over busses? On our primary schools we faced this kind of question. To answer this we had to memorize the points quoted on the text book. Whenever we found the question on the exam, our heart jumped with joy. There is no problem if we can remember the points easily. But we have to sit back if we fail to remember the points by sequence. Why? Because we are not capable of making some points of our own. We memorized those and don't know what was the real difference between trains and busses. Our teacher didn't bother to make the facts clear. Our parents wanted us do well in the exam.

On present context memorizing is the major problem of education system of Bangladesh. On our schools memorizing get top priority. Especially in literatures general students memorize everything, including the commas. (I remember a boy who used to memorize how many full stops are there in a essay. So that he can ensure every full stop along with the lines appear on the exam!!!!) Students memorize everything but understand very little here. It is making them unable to think something himself. The total impact of this is that, we are getting students with good hard disk but very low quality processor.


Monday, June 14, 2004

How seats are allotted here?

What is the criteria to be followed to allot seats of halls among students? Yah, you are right. It should be his merit. CGPA or class roll should be followed to make sequence of allotment. But who cares about us? Our teachers are busy making the process as effortless as possible. The easiest way they found is the sequence of submitting the forms. A economically weak student, who had to wait for money to come from home can't submit his form on first row. So he is not countable for a seat. Is he? He has got nice GPA, but who gives priority to merit over money? The reality is, he is poor and he shouldn't be so sure about a seat. The most we can is to laugh at them. I am feeling so sad to be a student of such teachers and I am ashamed about my varsity.


Saturday, June 12, 2004

Blog refference: Voices from Bangaldesh

Live and let live: This new blog has already posted some nice posts. He has written a nice post about CNN and other media's perspective about Bangladesh.

Moodlogic became regular again with some fine posts. He has a idea to blog in bangla.

Love U all: A student of our varsity has started a new blog. Read his views about Love and Bangladesh.


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Budget today, what gonna happen!

Today when I am writing this post, finance minister Saifur Rahman is proposing budget for this fiscal year. Its the 10th time he is going to submit a budget among 34 budgets in the history of Bangladesh. He is supposed to make a budget emphasizing on both poor and reach. I don't how he could make it so easy! Lets see what happen?

Though we general people don't sure what will happen, politicians are sure what will happen. From the government view the budget will be a successful one and form the view of opposition this will something near bullshit. There will be procession tomorrow on favor of it and opposing it. There may be some Hartals (public strike) for a bad budget. Few year back I remember of a procession against budget. But when the procession was on the street the finance minister was only half past his speech. We are used to this kind of stupidity. In fact it’s the tradition of Bangladesh.


A building collapsed

The upper half of the collapsed six-storied building

Yesterday a six-storied building has collapsed at old Dhaka and 11/12 people died on the spot. The first three floors have crashed to the dust. The rest three is still hanging on another building. The first three floors of the building ware made about 200 years ago. In spite of this they dared to build another 3 floor over it without any plan! Can you believe it? How foolish they are?

Most of the buildings of old Dhaka are too old to live. The buildings are made so close that there is not enough space to breath. The roads are so narrow that emergency service can't go there easily. I wonder what will happen if a strong earthquake strikes at Dhaka. There will be thousands of death and we have nothing but to see all these. Alas!


Sunday, June 06, 2004

University teachers: A closer look

In schools and colleges we always felt deep need of some good teachers who can make the readings as pleasant to us as our games. Let alone this, we didn't get teachers who can make us understand the lessons. In fact we didn't bother for the study too much then, because it wasn't pleasant in anyway. But when it's at university level and we opted to taste the goodies of knowledge, there isn't so many good teachers also. So have a closer look to varsity teachers here.

Intellectuals: Those teachers have enormous knowledge of his subject. But the problem is, they think that the students also have well enough idea. So it's better to discuss about high thought matters. Students have nothing to do on his class but to look at the weird writing on the board. We used to escape through
the back door from the class.

Foolish/Stupid: I am sorry to label my teachers stupid. But I have no other way as they are really so. It's a great wonder how those teachers came to the profession of teaching. They became teacher for their high grading which they got by just memorizing what was important for the exams. So they know very little and they don't usually go through any kind of deep thinking. As a result we find them with a book in hand, writing something on the board. Those teachers are curse of our education life.

Realistic and Bold: Yes, they are realistic. They don't make the lesson hazy with unnecessary complication. They just go through the facts that we must know in a so bold manner that everyone would understand the facts. They answer the students' question straight forward informing what is asked. Subjects of those teachers seems easy to us. We like and respect those teachers.

The famous: Only those teachers know what students want, what are the matters they won't understand and when a break would be better than to continue with monotonous study. He knows the tactic to make his students understand the weird and boring theory of Einstein. They just build up a faith among the students. Those teachers no doubt always stays at the top of the most famous teachers.

So we have a categorized list. I am suggesting this category observing teachers of our university. But I am quite sure teachers of other universities of Bangladesh are not so different to this.


Saturday, June 05, 2004

How is this new look?

I was thinking of changing the look of my site for long. But I didn't find any convenient way to do so. Blogger made it easy for me by launching many nice templates. I chose one of them. But I have to work hard to make the changes I made to the old template also available to this one. The codes of new templates are very tidy and easy to understand. So, is it looking better now? Any suggestion from you about improving the look is welcome.


Thursday, June 03, 2004

A visit to trade fair

I have just came from a trade fair. A trade fair at Rajshahi! Ya. Actually I didn't expect a fair that can be called trade fair here. I expected some kind of fair that is being organized during Boishakh (bangla new year). But I am amazed after visiting the fair. There were some big pavilions of some big companies of Bangladesh. Furnitures were predominting among those. The others were stalls of cloths, foods and householdings. The number of stalls were not so small but the decoration of the fair was very dull. The fair is far beyond the trade fairs of Dhaka and Chittagong. Actually you can't expect much from a city like Rajshahi which is known as city of education.