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Sunday, May 30, 2004

They don't have sence

1. My friend has a habit of washing the glass and plate well by his own hand before every meal. The other day, he finished washing and intended to start lunch. But where is the glass full of water he kept beside him? Oh! It's been taken by a stupid. Actually everyone would be attracted to a clean glass among not so clean galsses. So he souldn't be blamed.

2. On the lab last week Asif took Farid's calculator unmindfully to do his task. May be his sidemate was unmindfull too. The girl beside him was no different. .... After some time Asif felt need of calculator. But where is that? Hah! He had to spent an hour to find out who is the last person to get the calc.

3. A student of mechanical took my book for his Class test for a day. It was a new book. But when he refunded the book after 3 days, it was not new anymore. It seems he f...ed the book.

Probably you are not patient anymore for the rest of the incidents. So I am skipping those. In fact those are enough to have an idea about common sence of students here. They don't think about fare-unfare, don't bother about others inconvenience.


Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Doing something charity

The water our varsity provide us to drink and use is not of actual water color. The color is actually something closer to yellowish red. Its because of excessive presence of Iron in the water. We drink the colorful water. In fact we don't have much better choice than it. Those who can effort use filter to extract the iron personally. But most of the students have to get used to the unusual water. Students have been demanding for water purification plant here for long. But they really care very little for us. Recently Alumni association of Notre Dame(one of the most famous college of Bangladesh) has launched a water treatment plant at one of the dormitory all of their own accord. No doubt its a highly appreciable effort. Our friends have proved that its not a so tough task if there is a strong will. But the question is why the varsity can't provide this kind of facility, what our friends can do so easily. Is it because, we are students of a poor country? NO. Its because our authority is not sincere enough to take such steps. They only do the tasks they can't escape in anyway. They don't have to answer for what they are doing. So why they will bother for such extra activity?


Sunday, May 23, 2004

You are reading a bad blog

I have been blogging for last 3 months. At first it was a thrill for me. There was not so many readers of mine. I waited for long to have some regular reader. I got some but the number is too little to mention. I didn't give up and tried my best. For the last few weeks the number of reader per day became very low. I already found that I am not providing good posts mostly. So you are among them who are reading a bad blog.

Actually my situation here is not appropriate to blog. Its something like luxury here. I don't have internet access, easy to get newspapers and other facility at my dormitory. I have to go to cyber cafe mostly to write something here. That is both expensive and time consuming. Sometimes I feel lack of interest and proper subject to write. I expect ideas from my readers to improve my blog in all ways. After all these I am still confident to continue. May be after few more weeks there will be only one reader left. And thats me :). Anyway, thanks to you all to be with a bad blog.


Best blog in Asia: Vote now

Vote for the best blog in Asia is on. You can vote for the best blog from Bangladesh. Before that just have a visit to all the bangladeshi blogs (you know there are not so many there). For the full list click here. Rezwan there presented a nice list of existing blogs. I am not insisting you to vote me. Because I know that I don't deserve that. Rezwan won the last year contest. Lets see what happen this year.


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Do women really want equal right?

Now a day there are so many hot talks going around about equal right of women. Women are enjoying as much right and privilege as man in many cases. But in many cases they are quite happy not getting equal rights. As in Bangladesh there are plenty of seats are preserved for women in every step of politically elected posts, though there are still opportunity for them to compete for the main seats. So can this be called equal right? Women elected in those preserved seats don't have any important tasks. Here women very happy to compete with other women to win the election and probably they are not still strong enough to compete for the general seats. Recently the previous 30-preserved seat in the parliament for women has been increased to 50. But they are not still happy. They want 150 seats preserved for them. So how you can believe that they really want equal right?


Friday, May 14, 2004

Unbearable heat and my Hypothesis

Its really too hot. Unbearable heat wave is blowing over Rajshahi. For last few days the temp was over 40 C. The day before yesterday the temperature got up to 41.5 oC (106.7 oF) which is highest among the whole country. At noon it seems everything is burning and a real heat wave is blowing through the air. Though being slender I am suffering a bit less than others, still its quite unbearable.
Rajshahi is a place of unbearable heat and chilling cold. Since I first came here I have been following to a hypothesis to able to bear the unusual heat and cold. However sever the heat or cold is, I always think by my mind that there is still more odd weather coming. So I tried to bear the awkward temperature and get ready for the worse. I think this made me bear the temperature easier than others. You can try this way. Let me know how it works.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Public exam and unfair means

In Bangladesh there was a common trend of following unfair means in public exams. Students copy the answers in small papers and keep that in various secret places (even in the underwear) to copy. There were also some very small books available in the market with very small font size, which contain answers of all the possible answers. I remember my side mate coping many things from such a book while I was sitting for SSC at 2000(I didn't follow such bad way. You know, I am a good boy :) ). The situation got so bad that even if got red handed the culprits start beating the teacher or magistrate. But now the situation improved radically. Present state minister for education 'Ehsanul Haq' has done a tremendous work to stop the trend of copying since last few years. Today the HSC exam has started, but there is no feast of copying (read the news). While thousands were expelled in previous years, only 180 has expelled this year. This improved situation is a very much relief for us.


Monday, May 10, 2004

My voice and being Chittagonian

Can you recognize the origin of someone on first chat? For me many people recognize that I am from Chittagong. People talk to me for sometime and suddenly they stop and stare on me, "Are you from Chittagong?" I amaze on such accurate assumption. Because I speak in almost normal Bangla with a bit regional tone. I found the boys of Jessore speaking very clearly and with nice flow. I try to follow my friends to current my pronunciation. May be it will take time. Since than I have to go through many such nice assumptions.


A poem on Mother's day

When I came into this world,
I was scared and lonely.
I have just left God's paradise,
I did not know where I was supposed to be.
But Ma, when I saw you, my tears became smiles,
When you hugged me, my dreams were all alive.
On Mother's day I would like to say,
You are my inspiration, you are my strength,
You are my belief, you are my faith.
You have always been there for me,
And I can not thank you enough for it.
I just pray to God that I can be who you want me to be and make you proud.

Courtesy: Diya,Rising star


Sunday, May 09, 2004

Mothers’ day

Who is the dearest person of you? Who care about you most? Whose contribution is most prominent behind your being at this beautiful world? May be the questions are complicated. But the answer is the simplest word in the world. It’s “MOM”. Mother is your dearest person in the world. She care’s about you most. In contest of Bangladesh, mothers do everything for a child. From feeding him to cleaning the urine and stool. They don’t expect any reply for all these. Just they want and pray for their child to be established in life like a man. It’s not possible to feel their sufferings for us. All we can do is to try our best to make them happy. May Almighty bless our moms.

Today is international mothers day. A day specified to think about your mother and her contribution in your life.


Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Birthday of our Prophet, Walking miles and conflicting Muslim Ummah

Yesterday was birthday (according to most of the Muslims) of our holy prophet Mohammed (SM). It was a government holyday in many Muslim countries. Various ethnic divisions among Muslims observe the day in various manners. Yesterday one of such groups brought out a huge procession named “Jasane Julus”. They termed it a holy walk and expect that Allah (almighty) and Prophet will be pleased on them. Leader of the group used to come from Pakistan to lead the procession (I don’t know he has follower there or not). Yesterday I was astonished seeing the procession with more than 10 thousand people. They were just walking and jumping with Islamic and ethnic slogans. Surely most of them didn’t know why they were walking and how it will benefit them.

It’s just a story of one ethnic group. There are other huge groups who observe the day in different manner. All the Muslims have strong believe on Mohammed (SM). But they are divided in most of the auxiliary matters. Most sadly they blame each other badly for these auxiliary doubts. There are so many incidents of violent clash between these groups.

In present time Muslims are neglected and insulted all over the world. But are they so weak for such bad treatment? NO. Muslims has the power of their strong belief on their religion and they are still sincere to Islam. The problem is the ethnic groups. There are many such huge groups worldwide. Most of the leaders of such groups teach to hate Muslims not following their custom. They divided the Muslim Khlafat (worldwide leadership for all muslims). They are happy to have some blind followers than strong and unbreakable Muslim Ummah.


Will you walk with him?

My cousin being inspired by my blog has started his own new blog named “Will you walk with me?” Actually he is new in the arena of computer and Internet. He is trying to be regular in posting blogs. He may not be so impressive at first. But know about his potential and believe that he will be a good bloger from Bangladesh. So, will you walk with him?


Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Challenges of Finding a Compatible Mate for the Progressive Muslim

How Islam tells us to chose our prospective spouse? Are we allowed to meet them? What matters plays around while looking for a spouse and what your opposite sex think about you? Anju wrote about the sufferings of muslim bachelors to find their suitable mate. She collected a very nice article from I would like to request you all to read the fantastic article. Click here to read it


Saturday, May 01, 2004

May day and Child labor of Bangladesh

Today is May Day. A day for the laborers to say about their rights and to remind others about their contribution. But how many laborers are concerned about it? Do the poor laborers know what is their right? Especially in Bangladesh the child laborers suffer badly form proper wages and care. Poor children laborers in Bangladesh work all the day and get very little money just to provide some help to his/her poor family. Can’t we provide some kind of help for those children to have proper education and care? May be there are talents among them who have the potential to compete with us. Who knows and who cares?