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Friday, April 30, 2004

Political crisis of Bangladesh and random thoughts

In a country the main objective of the opposition is to criticize the government and try to be in the power. For Bangladesh this is truer than anywhere else. Here whoever comes to the government forget about their responsibility and try to enjoy the power and public resources. On the other hand the only task of opposition is to oppose every step of government, be it good or bad. They try their best to raise random allegation against government to get them down from the power. In fact every politician wants to be in the chair.

In current circumstances political situation of Bangladesh is not at all good. The opposition set a deadline of 30 Apr to get the govt. down, though only 2 years have past of the 5-year term. On this deadline govt. got frightened and started to arrest randomly, so that there could be some “Awami League” (the opposition) activists caught there. Police arrested thousands of innocent people from the streets of Dhaka. The opposition also didn’t stop. They called random “hartal” (public strike, when no vehicle run on reads) to build on the govt. to resign. Not to mention the govt. is still working and the opposition is thinking of another deadline to set.

With no work in hand, a wayside tailor sleeps out the second round of two-day hartal

Now the question is what general people of Bangladesh is getting from all these. Nothing, absolutely nothing. We always want to live a peaceful life. But the greedy politicians never let us to do so. Yes it is true that the govt. failed to run the country in proper way. But even if the present opposition go to the power they would do nothing better. They are all of the same nature. Only the banner is different. Bangladesh is waiting for so long for some good leader. We need some Mahatir to lead. Is there anyone?


The best blog and Saudi life

I found a new blog (new for me) from Saudi Arabia with the title “The Religious Policeman”. The writer here wrote about different odds of Saudi life. To know about Saudi life this blog is a better choice.
I knew before that Saudi government and police impose many facts on the people. I didn’t imagine them to sensor even the simple picture of a lady with her legs uncovered. For the outer world Saudi world is something like maze. We know that Saudis are so idle and love to enjoy expensive life. Don’t know what they would do without bunch of Gold and mines of Oil.
Religious policeman already got very famous, while he started only few months ago. It’s his easy and nice writing that made everyone stuck to his blog. To say truth this is the best among all of the blogs I read till today.

Here is some part from his blog-
the Religious Police epitomize what is wrong with my country at present. They combine religious fanaticism and intolerance with the apparatus of a police state. They are recruited from the dregs of society, yet they presume to tell other God-fearing people how to conduct their religious lives.


Thursday, April 29, 2004

Different doctors: unique suggestions

On my long course of my throat pain I had to take suggestion of different doctors. Amazingly I found every of them unique. This made my suffering no less, but increased a simple throat pain to sever infection. First of all I went to the medical center of our varsity. There the free doctor suggested three medicines for three days. People say anything free is not good. May be they are true. Because my pain got worse when the course finished. I went to the center again as I don’t know about other good doctors there. There another doctor suggested three other even more powerful medicines. But there was no improvement. I started feeling sever pain to talk and eat. In the mean time our varsity got closed for summer vacation. I had to come back home with this pain. Here I went to a famous doctor of medicine. He told me that the previous drugs were not so powerful and appropriate. So he gave only a course of a very powerful antibiotic of only 3 pills named Azimex. But even the most powerful failed. Yesterday, after taking two of them, with no result I failed to resist myself going to an ENT specialist. He observed me carefully and told that there is no work of antibiotic. So he suggested 5 new medicines. I am trying my best to make myself believe that these will work and I will be cured soon.
People here don’t have strong faith over Bangladeshi doctors. Why a patient will have faith when he has to suffer so severely for so long time when all the high-class technology and medicines are available?


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

My Chittagong, My home

When I became sick I was missing my home mostly. I was really HOME SICK. Yesterday I came home from the boring (!!) varsity and it was a 11 hour long journey. I am relived to be at home. On my varsity I had to think of everything and no one was there to look after me. But here I have my mom and family to think for everything. There is no other nice place than home. I love my home, I love Chittagong.


I am sick

So late to write a blog! In fact I am sick for the last one week. I was suffering from cold. Afterwards my throat became severely infected. Now it became no rough that I am feeling bad pain even to speak. It’s hard to eat also. Don’t know when I will recover.


Thursday, April 22, 2004

USB Flash pen drive: nice alternative of Floppy

I am very disappointed by the bad service of floppies. I was looking for a better choice and found the Pen drive as the best choice. Flash drive/Pen drives are handy removable drives that connect to the computer through USB port. Its service is so far beyond floppy that sometimes it may seem odd to compare between pen drive and floppy. The only lagging is the price of flash drive. It took about 20$ to buy a pen drive while a floppy costs about .5$. Here are some of the advantages of USB flash/pen drive-

1. Flash drives are of capacity between 8MB to 2GB. But the cheap and convenient ones can contain 64MB to 256GB.
2. The data passing rate is high, almost same as hard drive.
3. Easy to use. Just put it into USB port of your computer and you can use it as if its a part of your computer.
4. Very handy. Flash drives are light and as small as a pen.
5. It doesn’t need any external power. You can use it as much as you wish (if doesn’t go out of order)

If you have to transfer good deal of data from a computer to another regularly Pen drive is a much better choice. All floppy doesn’t work in all computer and those go unusable very quick. May be on near future floppy will be disappeared and flash drive will take place of it.


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Another success after bone melting effort

We have at last published the magazine named "Shopnil". Actually we had plan to publish a souvenir on the occasion of our one year completion. But afterwards we decided to publish something better for everyone. Our campus don't have any regular magazine (hard to believe!!). We planed to make it regular. Yesterday we sold the copies and 50% copies are already gone. Its not that everyone became crazy about the magazine. Even we sometimes had to impose to sell. Actually our campus is not an enthusiastic one. Here students are so crazy to get good grades that they have very little interest to do something nonacademic. To say truth Rajshahi is not a better place for such creative work.
Its not possible to make you believe how much effort we had to put to publish it. We spent many nights sleepless, as we were determined to do every work of the magazine ourselves. We didn't get many volunteer to work with. But when our bones began to melt, we got the success. We proved that we can do something different.


Sunday, April 18, 2004

Unusable Floppy

Are you familiar with floppy? Now a days floppy disks became unpopular because of other medium. I saw many computer that don't have any floppy drive. But is it time to count floppy as waste? May be not. At least for me. I use internet on our lab and cyber cafe. So I always have to use floppy to store the info from net to my computer. But now a days it became very tough to find good floppies that works nice. Almost all the floppies don't respond randomly. It it works on my computer it doesn't work on our lab. Especially windows XP read floppies very often. Its very disgusting for me. Is there anyone who can give a solution?


Dialogs that made me lough

Boy : May I hold your hand??
Girl : No thanks, it isn't heavy.

Girl : Who was that girl I saw you kissing last night??
Boy : What time was it??

Girl : Say you love me! Say you love me!
Boy : You love me...

Girl : If we become engaged will you give me a ring??
Boy : Sure, what's your phone number??

Boy : I love you and I could die for you!
Girl : How soon??

Source:The daily star


Thursday, April 15, 2004

The greatest Bengali

BBC Bangla section surveyed to find the greatest Bengali ever. The winner is bangabandhu "Sheikh Mujibur Rahman". On the second place kobiguru "Rabindronath Tagore" is standing and bidrohi kobi "Kaji Najrul Islam" in on the third position.

The Bengali Service announced the names through a countdown over 20 days, starting on 26 March - Bangladesh's independence day - and ending on Bengali New Year's Day on 14 April.

The survey produced well over 100 names, and the top 20 was compiled on points awarded according to listeners' order of preference.


3 year old Killer!!

Believe it or not! A 3-year-old child, accused in an attempted murder case, surrendered before court in his father's lap yesterday and prayed for bail. (read the news)

The allegation was made without knowing his age!! Hence without knowing about the person they blaming?


Lara crosses the barrier

Its really unbelievable. A batsman scoring 400 alone in an innings! Still unbeaten! Lara is the only batsman who can do it. He is the hero.


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Shuvo Nabobarso

Today is the first day of Bangla year. Shuvo Nababarso (happy new year) to all my readers.


Stuck before Computer

We are going to publish a magazine on the occasion of our one year completion. Only few of us are working hard for it. We decided to do all the tasks ourself. So, I have to compose and type all the 40 pages!!. Its very much hard than it sounds. I am tired and strugling to write even this post. I have just finished all the tasks a hour ago and feeling a bit free.


Friday, April 09, 2004

My freind: my opponent

My friend Zahir has started a new blog. He became interested about blogs after reading my one. Actually he is well known in our friend circle as a intelectual person who always try to think differently. So I am not going to compete with him (because i may not able to do better than him). While I am trying to see closing the eyes he is giving all his effort to keep is eyes open. So his heading is I look, I see. You can test this new blog from Bangladesh.


What I wrote and what they published?

I wrote the same writing about the extra 9 of Aktel to Daily Star to publish as a letter. They published it (click here to read). But only the intro and conclusion. The main part of the writing is just gone. What a way to publish public views.


Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Adding a 9 to increase sufferings

Recently Aktel has added a 9 after 018 for all of their existing numbers. It’s a good sign of increasing subscribers. But Aktel should have announced it and make everyone aware of the change with much time in hand before it becomes active. But they only published ads on dailies that contained nothing but a 9. I thought a new product coming to the market, because before lunching new products companies follow this kind of strategy to draw readers’ attention and to make people interested about the product by keeping the real fact secret. But in this case there is relay no necessity of keeping the fact behind the curtain. Aktel only disclosed the fact on the day when it was only possible to call Aktel numbers by an additional 9. So many people were unaware of this change and suffered severely failing to reach Aktel numbers. On similar situation on November of 2002 Grameen Phone made advertise and publicity of the change of their then existing numbers very broadly. After the change I changed all the Aktel numbers on phone book of my mobile and successfully called few. But till now every call from Aktel subscribers coming to my mobile don’t have the additional 9. So my set is unable to recognize the old number, as I changed those. So it’s very difficult now to recognize the caller. Isn’t it funny that you call a person to a number. But when he/she replies his/her number shows a different one. Actually all these depicts how much our mobile operators care about the subscribers.


Sunday, April 04, 2004

The design we used as a token of celebration on back of tea-shirt.

“Passing a year of glory. EEE’02” on the street of our campus (EEE is our department name standing for ‘Electrical and Electronic Engineering’ and 02 is our batch code)

Painters drawing the design on the street. There is another painter behind the camera (me!)

A group picture on the spot just depicting how difficult it is to get everyone together for a snap.

Having some acrobatic rest…

A typical tour amid toughest effort

At last the tour and celebration of our one year completion in the varsity came to an end. On the tour we went to two historical place of “Natore” about 50 km away from our varsity. First one is a palace of British regime which is now used by government as “Ganobhaban”. Other one is an abandoned palace of a king. (I don’t know much about both of these. In fact we didn’t bother to know!!) So what we did there? Actually you won’t find fun in a commentary of a humorous play. Likewise, the description of the charming tour may not be a funny one. However, we all enjoyed the tour very much. It was a nice opportunity to forget everything else and have some amusement. For me it was a chance to discover some of our friends differently. On the spot party of the tour we found few excellent talents.

Everyone except some of us who worked for the occasion enjoyed only the party day. But who worked behind has been enjoying for the last week. We put everything behind the occasion to make it a success. To say truth I enjoyed the painting episode most (even from every part of the party). We painted the design on the street of our campus. We started the work with some volunteer after midnight and finished it just before dawn. The ‘Fazar azan’ was coming through the air when I went to bad (and it was only for 1.5 hour). Few were even more aggressive and didn’t even sleep for a minute. So what is the aftereffect of the carnival? For me it’s a 13 hour long uninterrupted sleep skipping dinner and breakfast totally.