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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Passing a year of glory

Yesterday was first birth day of our batch in our university. On this day a year ago we had started a journey to get a bachelor degree in engineering. Till 29 March I had remembered the day, but I forgot the day when it was important to remember. I had a plan to arrange a class party to celebrate the day. But it’s late and no one was prepared for a party. Anyway, we have other plan for other celebrations. “Passing a year of glory” is the jingle we are using everywhere. Now, was it really a year of glory? My friends may start fighting on behalf of this. I am also not against it. Here are some causes to mark this as a token of glory -

1. The subject we are studding is one of the best subjects as folks think. We can be proud of!!
2. We didn’t spend 1.5 to 2 years to complete one academic year as other traditional varsities of Bangladesh take such time.
3. We got a campus where there is student politics but there is no rough violence since last 1 year.
4. We have thousands of precious and age old books on our library. But they are too precious that we can’t use them always.
5. Our varsity has launched a lab with 25 computers to provide internet facility for only 1800 students. The ratio is 1:75
6. Many of our teachers are so scholar that they don’t bother to get prepared for a class of honors level.
7. Our authority is very sincere about academic schedule. So they don’t find any significance of excursion, sports and cultural programs. Hence we have to celebrate a year of glory all of our own.


Monday, March 29, 2004

You won't believe it

What is the number of piece from a chicken you like to have to make a dinner? What about Human being? How many pieces a human being can be divided into? 20 or 30? No, Its 200. Yesterday a businessman and his son was killed at Dhaka and their body was found scattered in many places around Dhaka. Police have to work hard to get together these 200 pieces and figure out who was the miserable person. The news was the bold headline of most to the newspapers. Thousands of businessmen demonstrated against it and demanding safety of their life.

Now the fact is how the murderer was so rude that they didn't hesitate to do such an unbelievable thing. Were they alien? I can't still believe that human being can do such work. Can you?


Sunday, March 28, 2004

What is a weblog/blog?

I told some of my friends about my blogs and requested to read those. But the news has spread around many of others who are not aware of even Internet. They thought that I have designed a presonal site. Since I have started my blog on 11March’04 I became tired explaining what blog really is and how I have created it. I would like to suggest the site of where they explained what blog really is. Here are some quotable paragraphs from that site.

Weblog/blog - A blog is a web page made up of usually short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically-like a what's new page or a journal. The content and purposes of blogs varies greatly-from links and commentary about other web sites, to news about a company/person/idea, to diaries, photos, poetry, mini-essays, project updates, even fiction.

Blog posts are like instant messages to the web.

Blogger gives you a way to automate (and greatly accelerate) the blog publishing process without writing any code or worrying about installing any sort of server software or scripts. And yet, it still gives you total control over the look and location of your blog.


Saturday, March 27, 2004

Internet going to expand with more domains

Is the domains available is enough to cover all the billions of web pages? Whatever the answer is some more unique letters may be allowed after the last dot of a web address soon. I read about this matter on sussan’s blog and the news came from BBC. The possible new domains are .asia .cat .jobs .mail .mobi .post .tel .travel .xxx
The net's first basic top level domains being used since1980 are, .com, .edu, .gov, .int, .mil, .net and .org. A further seven top level domains - .biz, .info, .name, .pro, .aero, .coop and .museum, were set up in 2000. There is a promotion for the users to comment on the proposed new names from 1 April. Then the new domains may be on field from 2005.


My typing speed and the incidents

My friends fell jealous about my typing speed and want me to teach them typing. I always advice them to learn other essentials of computer than typing. But when I find them taking hours just to send few mails, I feel the importance of typing speed. You know, one doesn’t feel the importance of something that he already possesses. Actually typing is not a matter to learn but a matter of practice. Typing software is also helpful to increase the accuracy and speed. One who uses computer regularly should type fast, if he/she don’t waste time playing games or watching movies.


Friday, March 26, 2004

Independence day

Today is Independence day of Bangladesh. A day we are proud of most. This day also remind us of the genocide of 25th March, while Pakistani army killed thousands of people at Dhaka randomly. We also remember and will always remember the martyrs who sacrificed their life for a new independent nation, Bangladesh.
Rezwan has suggested a link about our liberation war. I liked it.


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Getting ready for the festival

Do i have enough ability to lead a group? I wasn't so confident about it and never dared to lead. Being the Class Representative (CR) I am leading the class for the last one year and found that its not that hard. As i found the most important fact while leading is to be confident and be honest to your duty. However, we have past away one year at our varsity and going to celebrate the day. We are going to a historical place (not for its historical value, but to enjoy and have fun) about 60km away to visit on 2nd April. However, This occation came to make me busier. I can't even find something nice to write here.

Don't be bore. I have plan to write more informative and more interesting blogs. Its just a matter of time. these words may seem to you as politicians' shouting. Lets see how far i can go.


Sunday, March 21, 2004

Blogging under pressure and load-shedding

Alhamdulillah I have got some regular and authentic reader. Statistics shows that number of my readers is increasing rapidly. This has no doubt increased the pressure and responsibility on me. I have no easy access of internet and English newspapers here so it became hard to write about recent facts. Moreover, we are suffering from Load shedding severely. It is simply awful to hang about for electricity for hours.
I have got some encouraging comments with few criticizing ones. Anyway thanks to all my readers to be with me. Soon I will be shifted to dormitory of our varsity and hope to get some facility there. I will try to write more informative and serious writings then.


Friday, March 19, 2004

One gloomy and one bright example to depict how we study

I have been writing my personal diary for past 4 years. But those are not always very serious and regular. I would like to mention here my two consecutive logs.

29/12/03 Mon (3:30 at night) – Its very late night, but I am still not sleeping. I have to sit for a class test of Geometry on the day after tomorrow. I am preparing for the test. But don’t think that I am learning and gathering knowledge of geometry. Our education system is not smart enough for this. I am just going through the class lectures and thinking how those were solved. I have found 13 problems and few theories there. I should be able to do these for the exam. I understand those or not is not a matter. Very few students consider these as a matter to understand. Others just memorize the steps and make their own way to make that right on the test. A person not familiar to our strategy would misunderstand that we are so genius that we can solve so hard problems so easily and promptly.
I am not telling that I am out of the system and a very exception. But I always try to think in a different way which may seem to others as nothing but demonstration of extra intelligence or smartness. But it is never like that. I am feeling very bad to memorize the system to do the problems right and make others think that engineering students are very brilliant, they study till 3:30 and they can solve hard problems very sharply.

04/01/04 Sun (8:30 pm) – On my last entry I wrote about the gloominess of our education system. But today I got something to be hopeful. Today we sat for a class test of C (programming language) and all the 4 questions were creative programs to solve with C. This exam required absolute brain work. I did solve 3 of them and some others also had a good effort. I found that it should be the motto to form questions, though through this we can’t get highest mark. But we would learn things which are very precious for us. Most sadly example like this is seldom found


Wednesday, March 17, 2004

New generation of Bangladeshi bands

There was a time when Bangladeshi bands suffered severely from various laggings. Now there are not so many problems here. Most importantly new bands are getting good atmosphere to carry on. New bands like “Black”, “Artcell” and “Cryptic fate” have produced some good songs. “Aurthohin” of “Sumon” is the band that made a way for these new bands. Although these bands composed some heavy metal songs, they have also some very nice soft songs with excellent composition and fine lyrics. I personally don’t prefer the heavy metal songs. But I can’t ignore these bands for their other songs. Of these bands i like Aurthohin and Black most
I would like to refer you some marvelous, brilliant and fantastic songs. I have a hunch that you will get something very unique on these songs, which is really different from ordinary bands.

1. Amader gan - Aurthohin
2. Amar protichobi - Aurthohin (Biborton)
3. Adbhut sei Cheleti - Aurthohin (Trimatrik)
4. Tumi - Aurthohin (Biborton)
5. Prarthonad - Black (Amar prithibi)
6. Amar prithibi - Black (Amar prithibi)
7. Mittha - Black (Amar prithibi)
8. Sloke - Black (Utsaber pore)
9. Eka - Black (Utsaber pore)
10. Poth Chola - Artcell

If you are interested collect the following three albums. It is guarented that your money won’t be wested if you buy those.

1. Biborton - Aurthohin
2. Amar prithibi - Black
3. Utsaber pore - Black


Modern theory of love and modern Devdas!!

This question always puzzles my mind. Are the girls friendly enough to boys? As i observed this depends on their age, mentality and circumstance. I can say you what happened in our class. You know not too many girls want to be an engineer (!!). So ratio of boys and girls here is not a healthy one. Moreover, there are "Romio"s who were premaritated to have some romance and proposed someone he found (i don’t know how they propose really). Most sadly all of them (as long as i know) have been rejected (becoming modern Devdas and thinking for another girl probably). I would like to say them that love is not that easy as they think. Love is something that comes from very centre of heart, not anyting pre-determined.
Probably one of my friend is looking for something i have written about her. I wrote about her on my previous post, not on this (see new users of internet and email)


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

New users of Internet and Email

I have many friends and relatives who are new to this arena of internet and email. Even i helped many of them to have a free email address. I also showed them different stuffs of internet. But i became sorry to see that many of them don't use internet regularly. Most surprisingly some of them are not aware about its capacity and importance and became reluctant. Yesterday while we were attending our first class of our new semester, the teacher was talking about the importance of Internet and efficiency in English in our engineering career. Today i was talking to one of my female friend who told me that internet doesn't attract her much and she would stop using it. I just can't believe how a young student of engineering can be reluctant to internet?


Monday, March 15, 2004

Wanna email in Bangla!!

Sending Email in Bangla was never that easy. One has to go through complicated process to email in Bangla. But now i can suggest you a site from where you can mail quite easily. The address of the site is The site is very helpful for the following reasons

1. If you send a mail the reader will see your regular address (say a address of yahoo) on the from feed. So the receiver won't be confused.

2. If the receiver reply the mail it will go to your regular email address. In fact there is no inbox in Banglaexpress.

3. The writing don't go as pictures nor as text. Its a different technique (i don't know it clearly) which takes less memory.

4. If you know bangla typing just type like that. If you don't then type according to bangla keyboard layout.

So we have got a good site to mail in Bangla. Would we utilize it?


Saturday, March 13, 2004

Feel the heat wave of Cricket

At last India went to Pakistan to take the challenge. You know how thrilling the series is. Every cricket lover kept an eye on this series from the very beginning. All we want is a competitive and exciting series without any difficulty or security problem. Pakistan will do everything to provide necessary security. Because it is related to their cricket future, while teams feeling reluctant to go there. India is under pressure after loosing against Pakistan A badly. They have shown their weakness on bowling sector vividly on this match (scoreboard of the match).
You can visit the site of this series by Cricinfo for live scoreboard and much more.


Friday, March 12, 2004

Think twice in case of online jobs

Don’t be impressed to see attractive job offers on net. There are also false offers along with the authentic ones which may offer more than 200$(!!) per day for your work. They will ask for service charge to get your name registered and just vanish afterward with your money. Caledonian Offshore ltd are gambling with the jobs in such a way. So don’t hesitate to register on the free sites, but look before you leap before spending your money. Daily Star reports.


Thursday, March 11, 2004

Maiden blog and my inspiration

Welcome to everyone to my maiden blog. Few months ago one of my net friend told me about blogs and suggested some. Since then I am reading blogs of some folks and became interested about this fact. Third world view (best blog from Bangladesh) is my principle inspiration. The look and design of Barasat ke Mausum is very nice and her writing is too easy that i am impressed. Now i have my own blog.

I am not yet sure how far and how well i can go with this. I am not very confident about my thoughts and my English. There are wits who may be irritated by my blogs. However i am still confident to continue with this. Thats all for the first time. Good bye